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The Forgiven (2012)

by Lawrence Osborne(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 4
0307889033 (ISBN13: 9780307889034)
review 1: There is an ever present sense of menace throughout this story of a hedonistic weekend in a renovated Moroccan ksour and I must admit that at times I thought, if it comes these people deserve everything they get. Without giving too much away the car journey of Henniger and Abdellah is an analogy for the gulf between two very different cultures. I felt no sympathy for anyone other than Anouar who is a 'noble savage' amidst the arrogance and ignorance.
review 2: Too many books read like films, too many could be films, but not the novels that embrace the purity of the art form like this one. Here is the atmosphere, wisdom and reflection that’ll be lost if people stop reading. There’s not a single sentence that doesn’t feel real, that you sense he never too
... morek a phone call or checked Facebook before reaching a full stop. It’s absorbing like a crowded train in India, or a sweaty basement club in your 20s. It’s the kind of essential book I always hoped to write, but failing that I am glad Lawrence Osborne has.6 stars less
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Quite a party - two worlds collide, neither are mine - beautiful descriptions though (of sad lives).
Well written. Meandering plot, but ok. Characters were distasteful and largely unformed
Galen Weitkamp's review sums up this clash-of-cultures story beautifully.
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