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Jailhouse Rock (2011)

by L.C. Chase(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 4
L.C. Chase
review 1: It'a Cal's birthday and his best friend Trent is helping him celebrate, but when a cop, Officer Thompson, turns up and arrests Cal for no apparent reason Trent stands up for his friend, and soon finds he is sharing a cell with Cal. In an attempt to 'get out of jail free' Cal starts making advances to the big bad cop Officer Lachlann now in charge, much to Trent's dismay - that Trent has the hots for the handsome arresting officer only complicates matters. But not is all as it seems, and there are some surprises in store yet for Trent.Jailhouse Rock is a well written, short, amusing and erotic tale, Trent and Cal are two sexy young men, skimpily dressed and with subtle make up, the two cops are big and beefy, one hairy, the other tattooed; but will Trent be able to fulfill ... morehis wishes with Officer Thompson.
review 2: Free download3.5 stars. Was this story totally predictable? Yes, indeed it was. Was it still entertaining? Pretty much so. It's Cal's 21st birthday and his party is at a bonfire. His friend Trent is back home after a year of traveling. When a cop comes on the scene and arrests Cal for Disorderly Conduct, Trent refuses to let his friend go to jail alone. Once in a cell, Cal uses his seductive skills to get them released on "good behavior". I know, the plot's a tiny bit cheesy, but I liked Trent - he was a solid friend, and I liked Officer Thompson, who seemed like a caring policeman a decent guy. Oh, and hot - can't forget hot. less
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Short story fun filled with twinks, cop fantasies and a steamy (yet pg-13) plot. I really liked.
Predictable but not trashy.
Short and sweet.
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