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Bond Confessions (2013)

by Leila DeSint(Favorite Author)
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London Brown
review 1: As the second collection in the London Brown series, this unbending and unpredictable psychological saga is crafted with dexterity and intrigue. Dark erotica has rarely been so darklicious. There's some shock within that ventures over trampled ground in the genre, but it does this in its own way, unique and refreshing.Rhys is an engaging and profound character, one who could be misunderstood if you're not paying attention. Pay attention! He's fascinating to watch, and far more arousing than the leaders of leading heroes. He can be as silent as a whispered promise, yet, when he wants it, he'll get your attention like a hammer to the face. Is his inflexibility and approach appalling? Not if you evaluate the reasons behind it. I love his contractual openness, his demands, and... more you can bet your sweet ass I'll continue reading the rest of the books to find out if Desniah shares my sentiment.I highly recommend this series, because along with a deeply sensual theme embedded in a sepulchral premise, this story has the momentum of a thrusting pelvis, with enough ow!-sigh!-boom! volatility to penetrate even the most hardened dark erotica junkie. And the beyond-talented writing delivers it justifiably.
review 2: Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2) Novella 1 Leila DeSintCaution: Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2) Novella is written for the Mature Adults only!!Ladies and Gentlemen please fasten your seat belts as you prepare to be shaken, rattled and rolled on Leila DeSint's BSDM rocket. Ms. DeSint's narrative Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2) is definitely not for the faint of heart and is crafted for the very mature and discerning readers of erotica with strong BDSM vibrations. I enjoyed being strapped into the lives of Desniah Williams, London Brown, the Carrington generation and Rhys. Ms. DeSint will toss your cookies mentally, physically, emotionally in an electrifying erotic tale intertwined with all types of BSDM flavors. Ms. DeSint takes us on a haunting ride into the past and the present in Desniah Williams troubled and painful existence because of a wicked man. Ms. DeSint shares the pain and suffering Des endures after each of London's escapades resulting in going into hiding in her apartment until she appears once again the gorgeous sexy goddess. I felt Des's loneliness as a recluse and the need to be held by someone who sincerely loved her. I wanted her to have that strong, broad non-threatening masculine shoulder to bury her face into releasing the heavy burdens and sadness because I needed it as much as she did.Pleasing characters with elaborate personalities, beautiful settings and story complexities makes for a challenging page turner. Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2) Novella 1, is explosive and explicit; readers might bring along their sharp analytical abilities to stay with the characters and the brilliantly insertion of flashbacks throughout the narrative. I enjoyed Ms. DeSint's brain stimuli which I find is absent in many erotica/BDSM novels.I found myself on the tittering edge of a host of feelings/sensations as I shared in the lives of complex personalities and circumstances awaiting me in Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2). I engorged myself on the titillating voyage to near explosion. Ms. DeSint powerful writing talents rattled me as a baton tapping on a podium calling the members of her orchestra to attention. I loved the manner in which Ms DeSint redirects me; causing me to pay close attention while the next series of carnal events unfolded and the impact it has on the characters. My introduction to London/ Desniah startled me with some perplexities due to the unsuspecting dynamics in London/Desniah leaving me with jolt as if I had been pushed into middle of the pool without my fins. :-) I was taken by surprise in the beginning of Bond Confessions trying to adjust to the personalities of London and Desniah. Dealing with multiple personalities with guarded protectiveness yet stoic strength of London/Desniah operating at polar opposites. One works in the oldest profession/ prostituting herself to for money however, I am not clear as to why. London is the dominate personality. It is strange that London lacks a discerning clientele filter to avoid harmful clients resulting with multiple physical damage that is clearly visible to anyone. These cases of abuse is problematic because she can not allow her father, Mr. Williams, a prominent member of society to see her in these physically battered conditions. London undoubtedly will have a challenge on her hands trying to justify her injuries. How many times can falling down stairs or running into doors be used as an excuse for being black and blue? London's involvement with Caden Carrington the V has complexities that occasionally I felt as though I needed near FBI skills to keep track of the nature of this relationship. Wow, I was captivated by Ms. DeSint use of flashbacks. Threads appeared somewhat frazzled when I was inattentive to the finely sprinkled activities and the motives of the key characters of this deeply seductive narrative. Those highly obscured fragments were critical in understanding and connecting the dots in Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2) which I found intriguing in an erotic novella. Desniah resides in the same body as London but is a soft and gentile person who has been hurt in her relationships with Cadens, perhaps her father and others making Desniah appear shy and vulnerable dodging conflicts of any kind. Although she and London share sexual appetites my bond with Des was different than London's because of Desniah's demur persona. Caden the Fifth has strong affection for London and Desniah but I get the feeling that he prefers London because she is a harder nut to crack.Desniah is fortunate to have a trusted, dear friend such as Rhys' and it is a perfect relationship for them both. This awesome bond of devotion is not understood by outside observers rendering the noisy clueless of what goes on behind the dark emotional curtain. Desniah and Rhys association instigates a series of rumors on the wagging tongues of England's high society elite gossipers. Rhys is a colorful, highly engaging character and I feel so comfortable with him because he understands who he is and his sensual relationships with women. He too, delights in some of the BDSM practices and has the same challenges keeping his darker side hidden. Is Rhys enjoyment of being with women only to exert his power and sense of control?As I read with bated breath there are several scenes artfully and masterfully depicted by Ms. DeSint that boils over the top creating engulfing sizzle between Desniah London the Carringtons and Rhys. Is everyone using the other for emotional, professional, physical, personal motives and agendas? Only time will tell!I appreciate the many twists and turns being birthed from the soul of Ms. DeSint and not knowing what to expect until the unveiling of the next installment.Way to go Ms. DeSint!! I can hardly wait for the next volume this will be a series I will make certain not miss a single episode. Double Caution: Bond Confessions (London Brown Volume 2) is for MATURE ADULTS!!! less
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