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Secrets Of The Sands (2010)

by Leona Wisoker(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
0981988237 (ISBN13: 9780981988238)
Mercury Retrograde Press
Children of the Desert
review 1: I was attracted to the book due to it being a fantasy epic. It started of slow, understandable, as the author set up the world and the characters. More than half way through I couldn't read the page fast enough so that I could see what happened on the the next. Had to slow down to enjoy. Not a five star rating because it was hard to follow, all the different names of things and people, many of them very similar to one another that it kept confusing me. But other than that it was a good book. I wonder how the second one is going to be.
review 2: Couldn't finish it. The story and the characters wore out their thin welcome by having having shorthand personalities moving through a boring and seemingly nonsensical plot. A lot appears to rely on pathos and char
... moreisma, but the mysterious seem constipated, the charming annoying, the spunky irritating. Rare moments of interest come balanced by bits of active badness, to arrive at a pleasing average of total meh. less
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Goodness, what a absolutely thrilling read! I was enthralled, to say the least!
Looking forward to the next book!
It was that easy? Ugh.
very strong debut
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