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Pawn Takes Rook (2013)

by Lex Chase(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: I've just read the best ever AU merthur fanfic with superheroes, and then I find this! How could I resist?Lex Chase has a very distinctive sense of humour – very in-your-face, on the edge of... tackiness? No, that's not it. Anyhow, I think you get me. I kind of liked it, weirdly. It's not exactly laugh-out-loud humour, but I found myself quietly amused all throughout the story.My problem with this story were the characters, who felt more like caricatures than people I could grow to care about.Hogarth, the MC, is funny, clumsy and definitely TSTL – and I sometimes found that strangely endearing, because he did have his flashes of genius.Rook is still a mystery to me – but then, I guess this is why this is going to be a series.Captain Chivalry was – what was he? A he... morero who turned into a villain with a mostly good heart? This doesn't even make sense.The Checkmate plot is just an idea, something that brings Rook and Hogarth together, but there is no development.Also, I think you should know, before reading this, that it is in no way a romance; you can see the beginnings of a relationship and a pretty random ILY, but what we have in this story IMO is just spur-of-the-moment sex. (Oh, and just so you know: no lube, no prepping. I hope this means it was implied, not absent, but I couldn't really see it.)The ending was a bit rushed, the loose ends tied up haphazardly into a “their adventure is not over...” kind of conclusion, which is not exactly satisfying.Overall, a mildly funny, very quick read.
review 2: When I was a kid I loved superheroes. Every Friday would find me at the comic book store visiting the worlds of the X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, and the like. I never really outgrew that aspect, even though I stopped buying the comics.Then Lex Chase brought Pawn Takes Rook and comics were cool again. I *love* the more adult comics, where the heroes are gay (something you wouldn't see too much of when I was a kid).I loved Rook. I loved Garth (Rook's name for Hogarth). I hated Garth's ex-boyfriend (and the nickname HE had for Garth...bleh)I can't wait for book two in the series. Thank you Lex Chase for taking me back to my childhood, if only for a while. less
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Super funny, quirky, cute read. I loved the superheroes and the rambling of Garth!
I'm not starring this because skipped the middle 3rd. It just wasn't my thing.
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