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Tudor Rules: How Anne Boleyn Helped Me Survive High School (2012)

by Libby Schmais(Favorite Author)
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McPherson Press
review 1: I'm a huge Anne Boleyn fan. I'm a huge Tudor fan, actually. And so being the big fan that I was, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of Tudor Rules applied in high school. So I read the sample in Amazon and even though my gut told me it wouldn't be worth it, I still bought the copy. And I usually don't shell out for kindle books. And boy, was I disappointed! I really, really wanted to give this book a chance but dear god, the heroine was absolutely... crazy, childish and immature. She's assuming and goddamit, annoying! I hated her. And the part about her friends being HER ladies-in-waiting, it was kind of demeaning. I don't know. She should've just gone into this by herself. Anne gone into this by herself. She didn't have ladies-in-waiting when she attracted Henry VIII... more. In fact, she was a lady-in-waiting herself! So why does this main character get her ladies-in-waiting before she is even queen? GOOD GOD.Oh, and let's not forget her "Tudor" rules. She's stupid. She babbles on about the Tudors and how everything she does is related to the Tudors--the way she dresses, behaves and even what she cooks! Any REAL Tudor courtier would know that thou shall not babble all thy secrets to the whole school! If you really want to be Anne Boleyn, you must be mysterious and no one can know your intentions. But noooo!! This character TALKS about the Tudors all the time, babbling to her friends, family, Brandon and Cat about TUDOR THIS, TUDOR THAT, ANNE BOLEYN THIS, ANNE BOLEYN THAT. I was as if she was already giving out all her plans for the whole school to know!I just really don't like this book. And I'm regretting the payment I made to buy this.
review 2: I really tried to like this book, but I just couldn't. I had gotten it for my own YA and she only got through about two chapters before she gave it up. I was curious why, so I picked it up to read. It started off interesting in the prologue, then it went downhill. I felt like I was reading a book not only about a teenager, but written by a very young one, and it was just sort of tossed together. The end gets better, but I had to really try to get through the first few chapters, I decided by the second chapter that I didn't like it and knew why my daughter had tossed it aside for a different book. It's a shame, I had been hoping for something a little more age appropriate in the historical fiction genre, but this was not it. The book is essentially about a girl who is a bit of an outcast, trying to fit in. She decides she's going to take a leaf out of Anne Boleyn's book and emulate her in an attempt to become popular. She acquires ladies in waiting, decides to make modern Tudor clothing, and begins trying to convert everyone into behaving, talking and dressing this way through the school play, which she has become costume designer for. It all seems a bit far fetched, the ladies in waiting part with her friends borderlined ridiculous, and would have been more at home with girls in elementary school rather than high school. less
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Potato chip reading. Good story, had nice flow.
Fun! Wonderful! Great ending
Loved it!!!!
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