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Kill Shot (2013)

by Liliana Hart(Favorite Author)
4.67 of 5 Votes: 2
Liliana Hart
The Collective
review 1: This just wasn’t working for me. I wanted it to be over. I skimmed parts.It was like a shoot em up action movie – lots of fighting, shooting, explosions. It was mostly external conflict, not much internal or character development. There was nothing special about the action scenes. And the plot was generic. Some of the scenes were not well thought out which I describe below.PROBLEM SCENES:Good guys realize they have been set up. They are alone for the moment. Gabe says “we probably only have a few minutes to get a head start.” Instead of driving away fast. They go to their jeep, get extra guns, go into a house, and lock the door. A minute later bad guys arrive, shoot with machine guns, and set the house on fire to get them out. They escape through a wind... moreow, get in the jeep and drive away. Bad guys chase them. Why didn’t they drive away before the bad guys came? They knew it was a set up.Bad guy plants a bomb at Gabe’s headquarters. Bad guy then calls Gabe and says there is a bomb which will go off in “a few minutes.” Gabe calls his employee and says “Evacuate now...Start running.” Employee runs and survives. Why did bad guy tell Gabe there was a bomb – and in time to save the employee?A sniper is aiming at a group of bad guys. One bad guy falls over with blood in his mouth. The author doesn’t tell me if it was due to poison or the snipers bullet. A minute later the sniper’s finger “squeezed the trigger.” The reader assumes a particular bad guy got killed, but the author doesn’t say who got hit, where they were hit, and if they were dead. Authors need to be clear.SEX:There were several sex scenes, but they didn’t do anything for me. I skimmed part of those as well.SENSITIVE READERS:There is one violent rape murder.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 303 pages. Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 9. Setting: current day various locations in U.S., Europe, and Mid-East. Copyright: 2013. Genre: romantic suspense.
review 2: Kill Shot is the first book in The Collective series. The Collective is a black ops org not of the government. Created and headed by Gabe Brennan who was introduced in the MacKenzie Security series. Gabe, hot alpha Brit, and the world's deadliest undercover agent. Gabe has a tragic family past with a deadly sniper who is also his ex-wife and would rather be anywhere but around him. A great story of love and loss, duty and honor, trust and second chances. Lots of action, and plenty of comic relief from the youngster techie Ethan. Next book hopefully next year with the yummy Jack. less
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I loved the MacKenzies series very much and this one is interesting. I hope they connect sometime.
I read this for a contest.
4.5 stars
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