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Call Of The Mild: Learning To Hunt My Own Dinner (2012)

by Lily Raff McCaulou(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: This was a fast and fun read. I appreciate someone who has the ability to hold their previous judgements in check and look at something from the other side. Lilly does that as a self-professed "liberal environmentalist" who decides to make some big changes in her life. This book is about a young woman's journey to becoming a hunter and fly fisherman. Both are activities I have on my radar to learn this year.
review 2: This is an interesting an affable read about someone who takes an 90 degree turn in life and comes up smelling like roses. Lily leaves a life in New York City, that only NYC can provide, to move to Bend Oregon to jump start her writing career as a journalist. The places are very different and it's at a time that Bend is becoming more gentrified.
... more There's a fish out of water aspect, which I find a little tedious, but she doesn't dwell on that. She writes more about how her life evolves. What started as a year or two commitment becomes her home.One way it evolves is that she learns how to hunt animals. Part-journalistic curiosity, part-justification for eating meat, part-this is what a lot of people do in my new hometown and part-the people who she befriends and loves in her new life, fish and hunt, and curiously enough are more environmentally aware than she thought. As we follow her new path from the very beginning, this includes how she arrives at the decision to even think about hunting to State run safety schools to learning to buy a gun in a shop, to her first shoot it seems only natural that she would be taking this path. It's very interesting how well the whole idea seems to come around organically. That she grew up in a hippie enclave on the East Coast that was incredibly left-wing and anti- gun, just goes to show what an open mind can accomplish. She could of been reared in such a way to only put hunters in her own pre-made box.She delivers good arguments for hunters on a lot of environmental fronts and once she starts shooting her meals we are given quite a few statistics that if you saw The Corporation or any in-depth critique of the modern meat industry, you will recognize right off the bat. Some of the information I never wanted to see ever again and yet here it is. less
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Interesting read and perspective but it was hard for me to get through.
Some family diesguilt swells over her hunting.This reader rolls eyes.
This book makes me want to hunt for weird ethical reasons.
Well, shucks. Now I want to learn how to hunt.
good book
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