NEW SERIES : Save My Soul (Episode 1) by Oyelude Yetunde 

Kamil calmly lit a cigarette as he watched his friends beat up the timid boy with dark- rimmed glasses into a pulp. The boy kept using his weak arms to block the vicious kicks from his assaulters’ boots but he was already growing weary. His uniform of white colored shirt and brown trousers were already smeared from the dirt on the ground and the sole of his assaulters’ boots. His lips were split with blood and his face looked like that of a tortured ghost’s.

 The assaulters now increased the rate of their kicks a tenfold as the boy continued to use his now shaky hands to defend himself. The timid boy could no longer bear the stinging pain as he started to yell out all once. “Please! Please! I will not talk back at lolade again! I promise I will start to respect her from now on. Please! Please! Stop! Stop!” The boy pleaded desperately like his butt was being teased with wild fire.
Kamil took another drag from his cigarette before signaling to his friends to halt. “That’s enough…Let’s not break his glasses, he cannot see without them.”
            Dimeji, one of the assaulters, looked up at him askance. “What?!” He gave a disgusted look at the battered boy on the ground before facing his friend again. “I say let’s break this mother fucker’s head before it’s our turn to get trampled on,”
“No, that’s okay,” Rasaq, the other assaulter started, “If Kamil says it’s okay, then it’s okay.”
             Dimeji stepped away from the boy he had helped beat black-blue. He rolled his eyes frustrated at the fact that Rasaq was too subservient to Kamil. He had never, for once, questioned Kamil. He only did whatever their friend wanted.”Fuck!” He said with clenched teeth.
            Just then, an average sized girl of no more than seventeen walked majestically into the uncompleted building at the back of their school. She was wearing an overly ironed shirt that was buttoned-up halfway to purposely reveal the top of her breasts and a skirt that was short and slim fitted to highlight her number 8 curve. She was fair. Very fair. As she walked towards her boyfriend, she stared smugly at the one who had talked back at her. A whole her? She, Ololade Adams? He so deserved the way that he looked right now.
            Kamil signaled to his friends to leave as Lolade approached him. And they did, roughly dragging the badly beaten boy along with them out to the scorching afternoon sun. Kamil and Lolade were alone now. And without wasting any time, he pulled her closer to him, making sure her breasts caressed his sturdy chest. He threw his cigarette on the floor now and stepped on it, his eyes never leaving Lolade’s.”Thanks baby. I knew you would handle him well for me.” Lolade said, coquettishly.
           Kamil said nothing but stared at her with lustful eyes. “Are we still doing it tonight?”
             Lolade smiled, showing her gaped front tooth. “Of course. I’m done with my period. Nothing to disturb us now.”
“That’s good.” Kamil leaned in now to brush lips with Lolade. He pulled back.”Can’t wait.”
          *                      *                       *

        They were back in class now; Kamil, his two friends and Lolade and there was a teacher in class. Miss Tolu. She was a pleasant teacher in her mid-twenties and Kamil liked her just because she was the only teacher who talked to them like they were reasonable people that had thoughts too and not some lost crazy teenagers without a care in the world. She had never for once criticized them without listening to their own side of the story. Unlike Mr. Chibuzor. A bald, pot-bellied man that paid no attention to his weight and acted like the children he taught were spoilt brats with no brains to call their own. Kamil absolutely disliked his Agricultural Science teacher. Both him and the subject that he taught.    

“Okay, guys,” Miss Tolu started excitedly, “a new student will be joining us today. Please treat her nicely and behave yourselves when she comes in. Okay? Deal?” She flashed her overly white teeth.
More than half of the class started to grumble at once. They all had to ‘behave themselves’ just because one new girl was coming in? Whatever! Who cares! Is she Dangote’s daughter?! Does she have connections with Otedola?!
The class took to laughter as sarcastic questions were being thrown in the air. “Guys! Please, quiet,” Her voice was painfully low. The clatter and patter started to dry up. “Let’s respect ourselves. Please guys. Hmm? Be nice.” Miss Tolu pleaded earnestly. 
Few seconds passed by and a dainty girl with delicate features entered the classroom,  smiling. She was smiling hard enough to the extent that it seemed like she was trying her best to keep it all together. Like she was trying to contain herself somehow. 
She was casually dressed in a baby-pink colored round- neck top and dark-blue jean trousers. She rocked a pair of pink sneakers and had on her back, a gray-hued school bag. Her beauty wasn’t exceptional, yet there was something about her that drew Kamil to her. He relaxed back on his chair, perusing her. Surely she seemed nice, but underneath the charade, he could sense that she was a no- nonsense girl. Even as she continued to smile, her cheekbones were held stubbornly high and something about her seemed ready to give it straight to anyone who crossed her. Kamil half – smiled. He found her quite interesting.
          The new girl bowed her head slightly.”Hi, everyone,” She started confidently. “My name is Abeebat Abdul Kareem, a new student joining this class. Please treat me well.”
          Dimeji scoffed loudly. “And if we don’t?”
“whoooooaahhh!!!’ The whole class jeered at the new girl in support of Dimeji. Dimeji was smirking, apparently pleased with himself.
Miss Tolu who became angry at the students’ unruly behavior, bulged out warning eyes out at Dimeji who was busy ‘feeling’ himself and the class, to keep quiet.
And then out of nowhere, an unruffled Abeebat started; “You mean if ‘you’ don’t.’’ The whole class kept quiet at once wondering how she dared to open her mouth. “But don’t worry, others willing to, will. It’s a voluntary action to treat someone well. It’s not by force.” She now smiled good- naturedly like she hadn’t just hurt someone’s ego.
             The whole class gasped in awe. No one dared talk back at Dimeji. He was known to be a hot- head whose path no one dared cross. But now…this tiny girl… They were simply in shock.
               Kamil really wasn’t. He had expected something like that to happen the moment Dimeji opened his mouth. He knew this one was just fearless. He stared at her frail body as she walked to the vacant seat that was just beside his. He smiled at her winking as she sat, only for his advances to receive a straight face in return.
            Dimeji, on the other hand, had rage boiling inside him but he was also nonplussed. He looked askance at her from his seat as she sat. He gritted his teeth and squeezed his knuckles tight. ‘Who on earth was this daring lass?’ his thoughts bellowed… 
Join us next week Friday for episode 2!

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