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Same Page (2013)

by Lily Velden(Favorite Author)
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162380616X (ISBN13: 9781623806163)
Dreamspinner Press
How the Light Gets In
review 1: This would be a first for me. I did not finish this book. I was blown away by the hypocrocy. Made me really dislike Liam and have zero sympathy for him. The premise at first is that Liam's soooo handsome that no one ever looks at him as a real person. He gets hit on by Jaxon and is immediately rude to and ignores him because Liam's making same assumption about him because of Jaxon's celebrity and looks. This idea of people being shallow is referred to over and over and how noone sees Liam as anything but eye candy but he then proceeds to go to a club with intent of picking up "eye candy" for sole purpose of sex which obviously has nothing to do with getting to know the person. He might as well have done the same with Jaxon the first time they met. It's really no diff... moreerent just the setting changed. Sorry I've read other works by this author and think she's talented and generally enjoy her books but this one just didn't do it form me.
review 2: I was really hooked into this story and was loving the slow burn romance growing between Liam and Jaxon. The angst ran high but each man had a lot of baggage to dump. The first 100 pages had me flipping pages as fast as I could read then but after Liam and Jaxon hit the sheets as a couple the book went downhill. I don't know of any man gay or straight who names their dick and even more childishly their ass. The sex scenes were flat and unimaginative in my opinion. Granted Jaxon was new to gay sex but that's no reason to pen a bland sex scene. The story picked up considerably after those 25 pages. I thought that Liam and Jaxon were well crafter and complex characters. I loved Alison and her no nonsense manner. The nicknames that the guys gave each other added a sweet factor to their friendship/relationship. The story was well paced and read easily. I recommend this heart warming romance between two very different and interesting men if the reader is willing to put up with 25 pages of glop. This book would be a solid 4 stars if not for the above mentioned pages. less
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An AReCafe contemporary romance reading list selection from TRS.
An amazingly sweet, emotional, and hot read! Definite keeper!
Recycled ideas and cliches here.
i just love it! ;)
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