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To Professor, With Love (2014)

by Linda Kage(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 3
1497518091 (ISBN13: 9781497518094)
Linda Kage
Forbidden Men
review 1: screw Ezra and Aria cause this book is WAAAAAAY better than their chemistry.I loved this book for so many reasons, but one mainly being a man named Noel Gambles. like, he's so ridiculously perfect, even i'd risk my job for him.i love Aspen too, in a sense that she was always practical about everything but it sometimes bugged me. like seriously? how can you deny THE Noel Gambles?Linda Kage, you never fail to amaze me. and the incorporation of Reese and Mason, I FREAKING LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!! AND IM SOO ECSTATIC TO READ ABOUT PICK AND EVA, LIKE OMG!!!but more than that, im actually curious of Tenning with Caroline. i ship them too :Pi recommend this for everyone!
review 2: Not even close to book 1 was. I was disappointed bc I loved Mason and Reese's story so much,
... more this one felt flat. Not giving up on this series, jumping right into Pick & Tink's book. I really liked Noel, just Aspen was a very immature person and for the first half of the book it was not much of a dialogue. But I pushed thru finished it and glad I did bc it paved the way for the next characters. less
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This book contains all the needed ingredients for ONE Spectacular story.
The first half is good. I love the first book more. 3.5 stars
Loved the whole taboo aspect of it. Love this series.
I liked the first book more.
it was ok i guess....
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