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Montanha Do Céu Aberto (2012)

by Linda Lael Miller(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
8539807300 (ISBN13: 9788539807307)
Harlequin Books Brasil
Parable, Montana
review 1: Agak bertele2 ceritanya. Terlalu banyak menceritakan perasaan Kendra dengan pengandaian2 yg ga jelas. Toh Kendra & Hutch sama2 single. Kalo memang takut Hutch cuman main2 yah tinggal to the point aja lgsung tanya ke Hutch ini malah jadi sok malu2 kucing tapi mau.Agak tertolong dgn Madison (anak tiri Kendra) dgn tingkahnya yg lucu & sangat dewasa. Sy kurang tau jg sih bagaimana umumnya anak 4 thn.Satu lagi, mengenai usia utk karakter utamanya kok ga jelas gitu yah.
review 2: As with all LLM books, loved this book. This is book 2 in the series. The book begins with a wedding - Hutch Carmody being the groom. Just as the bride starts down the aisle, Hutch stops the wedding, realizing the person he loves is Kendra Shepherd, the woman who broke his heart years ago. K
... moreendra, on the other hand, remembers the story differently. Hutch broke her heart by not fighting for her and stopping her from marrying someone else. Someone who walked out on her, only years later, from his death bed, asked her to raise his estranged 4 year old daughter, which she agrees to do. Hutch and Kendra are given a second chance, provided they are willing to risk another broken heart. We also get to revisit old friends, Slade and Joslin, amount others, from book 1. Additionally, we begin to see a little more from Boon and Tara, the main characters from book 3. less
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Good book and engaging characters, but it didn't suck me in. It was better on audio,
Love the cowboys!
I loved it!
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