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Madame Bovary's Daughter (2011)

by Linda Urbach(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
0385343876 (ISBN13: 9780385343879)
review 1: Berthe was a frustrating character at times but it is true that she has a very tragic story, and I think that Urbach did a fine job of imagining how Berthe would behave and what traits she'd possess as a result of her tragic early childhood and the fact that she was raised by Madame Bovary. I've actually never read the original book but now I really would like to! I enjoyed reading about Berthe's journeys and her forays into fashion. I thought that was a fun part of this novel that made it a bit of historical chick lit, though definitely more historical than chick.
review 2: I didn't care for Berthe Bovary at all. All her thoughts centered on not turning out like her mother as if that was all she was about. Oh yeah....and fashion. The scene at the end with Mons
... moreieur Boulanger was annoying, as we're Berthe's sexual encounters considering three of them were either molestation or rape. This book was filled with unlikely scenarios and seemed to be directed at a much younger audience. I do agree with Urbach's note at the end: Flaubert would probably hate this horribly done sequel. less
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Wonderful book , incredible detail takes you you there ,can't put it down
Could have done without the smutty bits but, overall, an enjoyable read.
Interesting take on the life of Emma Bovary's daughter.
Very disappointed... reads like a bodice ripper.
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