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Day Of The Dead (2012)

by Lisa Brackmann(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 1
0007457731 (ISBN13: 9780007457731)
review 1: This book was exciting until about page one hundred, when it became increasingly apparent that there was absolutely no plot for the poorly-developed characters to work with. My biggest frustration was with the main character, Michelle. Her character was barely-developed and whiny. There are a couple flashbacks thrown in that begin to explain Michelle's backstory, but you never get a true picture of who she is. I am not even convinced that the helpless Michelle would even take a vacation by herself in the first place, much less get herself embroiled in some threadbare drug smuggling plot. The plot spirals in on itself over and over; if you really want to read this book, read the first hundred pages and maybe the last twenty-- because nothing happens in between. This was a s... moretruggle to finish, and the ending was not worth the extra couple hours that I put into it. Two stars because this book had a lot of potential but fell flat for me.
review 2: The beginning was a little slow for me. I was afraid I wouldn't get into the book but I kept on going. I hated being being drug into the story and not given any information - like Michelle, but i totally understand the Author's point - Brilliant! My heart did not "race" until the trunk and beating at the dump to which I was thoroughly excited to see who it was, why it happened, and what was to come next. The last few pages put me back on my toes as I was expecting a relaxing ending that Michelle was getting back to her old life only to be spun around and waiting again! The ending wasn't what i was expecting exactly, but I do like how its left to the reader to make everything alright or get all crazy that something else happened in/to that plane! I would still recommend the story to anyone who likes adventures. less
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Suspenseful and intriguing, although not as engaging as her "Rock, Paper, Tiger."
A terrific, suspenseful read. Can't wait for the sequel!
Couldn't put it down!
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