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Plague (2012)

by Lisa C. Hinsley(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
1475242875 (ISBN13: 9781475242874)
review 1: This book was a terrific and terrifying "what if" scenario. We hear from news reporters and scientists and doctors how quickly a virus or other sickness can move from country to country. The flu frenzy of the past decade is a good example of this. The premise of Plague is one that has been explored by multiple authors. Few chose the route that Hinsley chose. She fixates on one family and how they survive their forced isolation when a deadly strain of the plague spreads. Hinsley explores the psyche of the mother and father to the point it was painful for me. However, I had to finish this so that I would know what happened to the family. This book takes the reader on an amazing journey that few books do. Highly recommended.
review 2: This book went from seeing in
... moreto a somewhat average families life, to awfully frightening in a matter of chapters. Some of the things that happened in this book brought me to tears and you feel so awful for the suffering that the adult characters have to face, its shocking. The two parents and their 4 year old son are intentionally trapped in their little home as the young boy, Nathan, has supposedly caught the bubonic plague. Their house gets boarded up, as do many others in their street. They are told they will be shot if they somehow manage to escape and there are soldiers arming the street. From early on you sort of catch on that not only has Nathan been left to die, but so have the parents, even though they are not sick yet. And considering almost the whole of the book is set inside this house, you begin to feel as cramped and as claustrophobic as the characters do. It is the height of summer and they barely have any daylight seeping into their home, let alone any fresh air. Alongside the struggle of looking after their deteriorating son, without any outside help, Liz and Johnny start to believe that they have caught the plague too. They have to live in their own stink of sickness, and they try everything to keep the flies away. It is such a sad awful story and you really get to the point where you see no way out for them. I truly do not know what I would do if I were in their situation. Some of the things they have to do are so grotesque, I am a tad relieved that this was a book and not a film!!! x less
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Disturbing and entertaining at the same time. Extreme attention to detail. Thought provoking
It was a bit disappointing to be honest.
Fantastic, enjoyed every minute
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