I have recently acquired a Contax T2, a Gold Contax T2 one to be exact. Managed to pick it up for $750 AUD, we is very cheap (in my books) for a boxed minty condition Contax T2. I have seen them floating around from the $700-800 mark for just the camera itself. Long story short, the girl who sold this to me needed the money to meet ends, she originally purchased it in Japan For $1,100. Funny enough there is still the price tag inside it saying $130,000YEN, which translate to about $1,500 back in the days.

Another picture of the Contax T2 with all the goodies, comes with a gold data back and a carry cover (which is not in the picture). Cosmetically you can see its in good nick.

The camera itself consums 1 x CR123 Battery, little stubby batteries which are around $10 at JB HI FI / WOOLWORTH. Not sure how many rolls it would last before changing batteries again.

A few scuffs here and there, but otherwise its in good shape. The previous order said the data back wasnt working, after changing the battery CR2025 (According to the manual, the battery should last several years before running dry) it seems to be working fine. Unfortunately it prints the dates and time on the film frame itself, I much rather it was printed in between frames.

I hope you guys enjoyed the juicy pictures, ill most likely run a few rolls in this beauty before boxing it up again and most likely sell it down the track. This was more of an investment purchase, prices will most likely hike up in the near future. You can thank the CL and Kendal Jenner for the price hikes, these were floating for around $400 – $600 last year until they became an accessory.

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