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Edge Of The Heat (2000)

by Lisa Ladew(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 1
Westwood Harbor Corruption
review 1: Emma Hill is a paramedic who loves her job and it shows. Paramedic of the month 17 times and counting and presented with and award by President Obama, Emma is the epitome of what a good paramedic should be. Everything is going smoothly for Emma until one tiny mistake almost costs Emma her life. After falling from the roof, Emma could have been pronounced dead if it wasn’t for hunky firefighter Craig. He did all he could to keep Emma alive, even if it meant putting his mouth on her for breaths without using a guard. Once Emma sees who her savior is, she is immediately attracted to Craig. I mean who wouldn’t be? He is a hot firefighter, with blonde hair, light eyes and dimples to die for. He is every girls dream. Wrong! While in the hospital Emma has a vision of her soul... more mate. He is tall, dark and handsome; the exact opposite of Craig, well almost. Will Emma let her “vision” hinder her chances at true happiness or will she see that Craig really is the one for her? This story had my interest from the beginning, starting off with Emma’s infamous vision. As a reader you will hear a lot about this vision so I thought it was great that the author started the book out with it. I have to admit, the story started out a little slow for me, but once it picked up I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see if Emma’s feelings for Craig would develop or if she would try to make something work with Reece, the doctor who fits her vision. We get a glimpse of what a love scene between Emma and Craig would be like but it is over before it even starts, thanks to that damn vision. As a reader you will want to jump through the pages, shake Emma and say, “Forget about the vision, Craig is hot!” We learn that Craig might not be all what he seems, but his “secret” didn’t make me angry. I did have a feeling that there was going to be something “different” about him. I loved Craig’s character for many reasons, he was a sexy firefighter and he came to Emma’s rescue when she needed him most. I am really looking forward to reading how their story plays out. If you are a fan of novels that have a little bit of action and suspense, with a little romance thrown in, then this book is for you.
review 2: 3 1/2 stars... I just didn't like it enough for 4. I picked it up because it was free. I understood the vision was important, so it getting in the way of everything wasn't so bad. The prologue not being explained was odd and the ending didn't make me want more, just made me frustrated. If the next two parts weren't less than 200 pages at $2.99 each, I may have gotten the next in the series just to see what happens. less
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I love how emma has been through so much and still looks at the world as great. Love this book!
3.5-4 Stars. Hoping book 2 brings ot all together better.
I love these short little books!
Free on Amazon as of 11/19/14!
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