The nation is so divided on their opinions of President Trump.  There are those who can see that he is what this nation needs as a President and that God has called him for such a time as this.  Then there are those that don’t even have a clue as to why thy don’t like him because the have listened to and believed the lies of the fake Mainstream Media (MSM).  They have believed the lies about the Russian Collusion, him being a “Racist”, an abuser of women, a member of the  “Elite”,  and a billionaire, etc.,.

The MSM has been lying to us for decades because the “Robber Barons” don’t want us to think for ourselves. They want us to be stupefy so they can easily push the NWO and the Operation “Depopulation” on us.  They present a narrative to us and repeat it long enough that, then we will believe it.  Such is the cause in 911.  They told us over and over that it was a terriorist attack until we actually believed that to be true.

Many have awaken to the fact that the government lies to us whenever it is convenient for them and because the Media are puppets for the Elite.  But alot of people are still in a state of slumber. Wake – up people and see the world as it truly is.  Unplugged from the Tell – Lie – Vison.  Free your mind and stop being enslaved to the deception of the government and the MSM.


In 1983 90% of American Media was owned by 50 companies, since 2011 that same 90% is now owned by 6 corporations.  They are: GE: Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features.  NEWSCORP: FOX, Wallstreet Journal, and New York Post.  DISNEY: ABC, ESPN, PIXAR, MIRAMAX,  and Marvel Studios.  VIACOM: MTV, Nick Jr. BET, CMT, and Paramount Pictures.  TIME WARNER: CNN, HBO, Time Warner,  and Warner Brothers.  CBS: SHOWTIME, Smithsonian Channel,, Jeopardy and 60 Mintues.

232 Media Executives control the diet of information that millions of Americans feed on everyday.  They also control 70% of the cable industry.

Not only does the MSM report Fake News there are also some alternative Fake News reporters and channels also.  You can only listen to sites that you really trust.


President Trump’s first year has been nonething short of a whirlwind.  He signed Executive Orders,  took Military Actions,  signed Indictments, Court Rulings, Protests, Fired individuals, and Resignations.

Domestic Piorities:  Deported illegal immigrants with criminal records.

Foreign: Renegotiated NAFTA; Reviewed NATO Policy.

Appointed:  15 Presidential Cabinet Members including Secretary of State; Treasury Secretary; Defense Secretary; Attorney General – Jeff Sessions; and one Supreme  Court Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmed.

  • Called for the hiring of 5,000 Border Patrol Agents and 1,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers to stop millions of dangerous criminals from entering the U.S..
  • Dismantled Obama’s climate change initiatives.
  • Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
  • Enforced regulatory reform.
  • Protected Law enforcement.
  • Mandated for every new regulation to eliminate two.
  • Defeated ISIS.
  • Rebuilding the military.
  • Building a border wall.
  • Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
  •  Approving pipelines.
  •  Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
  •  Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
  • Exiting the US from the TPP (Trans-Pacfic Partnership).
  • Slapped tarriffs on imports of Canadian Lumber.
  • Rolled back a series of Obama – era regulations.
  • Ended Obaman – era moratorium on coal mining on Federal Lands.
  • Reversed the Department of Interior that would have increased restrictions on dump mining waste into streams and recinded Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a series of regulations making it harder to operate and build new coal – fire power plants.
  • Cut the EPA funding by 31%, which will cut everything dealing with climate change ( which is a HOAX).
  • Demanded that European leaders spend more of their budgets on defense.
  • Senate confirmed Tom Price to head DHHS.  He was a vocal opponent of Obama – Era Health Policy.
  • Decreased the US Debit by 100 Billion.
  • The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high.
  • Added 298,000 jobs.
  • Housing Sales soared Red Hot.
  • Middle Class tax relief and Simplification Act.
  • Ended the Offshoring Act.
  • American Energy and Infrastruture Act.
  • School Choice & Opportunity Act.
  • Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act.
  • Restored Community Safety Act.
  • Restored National Safety Act.
  • Limited the terms Congress could served.
  • Federal Hiring Freeze.
  • 5 year ban on White House and Congressional Officals from becoming Lobbyist.
  • Permanent ban on foreign government lobbying by White House Officials.
  • Complete ban on foreign lobbyist raising money for American Elections.
  • Over 5,000 sealed Indictments.
  • Raided the CIA, using the Military.  Acquiring Files and various info on criminal activity.
  • New Tax Bill.
  • Passed over 66 Bills into Law.
  • High Profile Individuals sent Gitmo.


President Trump needs our support if he is to continue to “Drain the Swamp”, but it is more like a Lake.  The government is riddle with layers upon layers of corruption.  You uncover one incident and find many other Alphabet Agencies involved.

It will not be an easy task to bring down the Govenment and the Deep State. The corruption did not happen over night and as gone on for decades. It may take several weeks, several months or even several years. Pray for him and his safety, Pray for his Family and their safety.  Pray for this Nation, that the people will be awaken from their sleep.  Pray for those being sent to Gitmo.  Pray for the child that are left behind from the child sex trafficking.  Pray about everything.  God is still in control and needs our help to take down the corruption.

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