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All Spell Breaks Loose (2012)

by Lisa Shearin(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
Raine Benares
review 1: Oh Raine Benares. I really liked this main character. She had some serious spunk. Though by the end of the series I was starting to like her less...and beginning to like Imala a bit more. Maybe it was because by the end of the series Raine was a bit too much of purist do-gooder. And I like my characters with a bit more of an edge. But overall, I still liked Raine. This final book in the series did not disappoint. Tons of action. A few surprises. And a new character I loved - Kesyn. I liked this book better than the other two. I felt like the past two dragged on a bit. I feel like they could have been shortened to one. I still like the first three best (the third might be my favorite - I loved that demon teacher chick), but this one was all a final book should be. If you've... more read the previous 5 books, definitely read this one. I basically devoured it in 3ish days. And if you've never read the series, definitely think about giving it a go if you like fantasy, first-person books with a heroine who is spunky, witty, and fun.
review 2: I adore this series, and this was a great story and conclusion to the series. Raine is funny and has a great attitude, and I enjoy her varied assortment of friends and allies.In this case, they need to go right into enemy territory to save the world from the Saghred and goblin mage Sarad Nukpana, which may very well be a suicide mission.The adventure was as interesting as usual, and it was a fun bonus to get to meet Tam's family. less
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Good, but sad to see it end. Yet glad. Can't wait to see what happens to Raine next.
Boo hoo. I want more!
7 out of 10
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