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Absolutely Maybe (2009)

by Lisa Yee(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
0439838444 (ISBN13: 9780439838443)
Arthur A. Levine Books
review 1: Absolutely Maybe deserves the rating: are you kidding me?there are so many things wrong with this book. From the sadistic characters to the whinniness of just about everyone. I really did not like it. Everything was pretty much impractical and there wasn't one character that I liked. Sammy was a close ringer for first.Maybe's mother was disgusting even when she decided to forgiver her. No one should criticize someone that much. Hollywood was such a wuss and ha no backbone. It annoyed me that the author attempted to play this love angle from his pov with Maybe. I wasn't feeling it at all. And I can't even get started on Ted. He was so annoying and one of the worst friends. I don't think he and Maybe had a healthy relationship and all their scenes together were just so ugh. ... moreThey are so immature that is was aggravating to read. Things just happened to fats and it all felt very unreal. Not to mention the alcohol abuse and the sadistic/masochistic nature of the characters just began to be too much.I've read better on a bad day.
review 2: I... I just can't say enough about this book. I finished it at three thirty last night, and I'm still in shock. It was such a whirlwind of emotion! I was angry, sad, happy, confused, and eager to continue all at once. Maybe is one of the greatest characters I've ever had the immense pleasure to meet in all my years of reading. She's feisty, funny, heart wrenchingly tragic, and so strong. This is my first look at Lisa Yee's work, but I can tell you for certain it won't be the last. The words practically jump off the page and dance around your head, whispering in Maybe's voice into your ear as the chapters turn. I love this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to read about a badass high school junior trying to get out of a small town in the south to find the father she's never known. I'll stop here. I'm rambling too much. less
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Great contemporary YA with a stellar supporting cast. Had me craving Mexican food big-time!
First book I ever read, by Lisa Yee. My librarian recommended and I absolutely love it!
Interesting young adult novel - I would recommend this book to my students.
3.5 stars
It's good
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