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Simple Need (2009)

by Lissa Matthews(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
1419924877 (ISBN13: 9781419924873)
Ellora's Cave
Simple Need
review 1: This is a great hot short read, I loved Vinter (WOO) he is so hot and has tattoos and piercing(need I say more). Elise was just dumbed and she found out her ex was married. Now at a bar to forget her troubles she meets Vinter. Vinter has wanted Elise since he saw her so he knows he has to meet her. After talking Elise agrees to go back to Vinter's house she wants a one night stand he wants more. And he knows he can convince her. This would have been five stars for me if it had a little more at the ending or if it had an epilogue. But this was still a great book.
review 2: I liked this, maybe really liked it, for what it was. It may deserve four stars, or at least 3.5. It was a super quick read and hot. Kept my attention and I read it in one sitting. I knocked o
... moreff a star for the lack of...well...development. There isn't much emotional connection and we don't really get to know the characters well. Having said that, it wasn't really that kind of book, so I didn't feel cheated or anything. I would recommend as a light, steamy read. less
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Not so much a novel as a chapter that was one long sex scene!
This was a 3.5 for me. It needed to be a bit longer for me
Loved the title, loved the novel!
A good little read!
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