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A Bride By Moonlight (2013)

by Liz Carlyle(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
0062100289 (ISBN13: 9780062100283)
Fraternitas Aureae Crucis
review 1: I can't do it, this is the third time I've tried to read this book and I always have to stop around chapter 3 because it's just too convoluted and complicated for me to follow. Maybe there's an earlier book in the series that I should be reading that would make the intro chapters make sense? But I'm just not willing to pay money to find out. Maybe I'll read another series from this author at some point, but I just can't read this book as a stand-alone, it isn't enjoyable because it is so hard to follow.
review 2: Royden Napier is is police commissioner. He is ruthless and relentless and honorable to a fault.Lisette Colburn is possibly a con artist and possibly a murderer.When they first meet they have a common enemy. The second time they meet it is possi
... moreble he will have to arrest her.This is a well developed plot, but a very complicated plot. The characters are well developed. Over the course of the story, we learn much about people, their motives and their underlying goals. We learn about humanity in all the best and worst ways.This is a book about family and relationships with all the stress of being involved in a large family. This is a mystery with questions about various deaths and their true causes. Were these illnesses or was there a darker reason for death?And overall this is a romance. Lisette and Royden are very attracted to one another on both a physical level and an emotional level. And because of a plan to find answers, Lisette and Royden end up spending a great deal of time together.I liked the book, but I do believe it could have been written a little more tightly. At times I felt that there were many detailed descriptions of things that were not vital to the plot. I must admit I did figure out the person behind some of the dastardly deeds. I did not figure out the motives though. Those were news to me.Ms Carlyle is a very talented writer and I hope to read more of her books. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history with mystery and romance added in for good measure. less
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By FAR the best of the series, the only reason to skim the first two is to understand this one.
Oh, just a wonderful book. I so wanted to read Napier's story, and it did not disappoint.
So good. Now I want to read the book that came before this one.
I liked the heroine mostly since she wasn't a fading lily.
About what you'd expect. A few typos in the manuscript.
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