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Daisies Are Forever (2014)

by Liz Tolsma(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
1401689124 (ISBN13: 9781401689124)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Women of Courage
review 1: Good book for an airplane. The plot was not at all realistic: During the mass evacuation from the Danzig area at the end of WW-II, a romance happens between an escaping German woman, a British POW who is on the run from the nazis, and a German soldier who is trying to edge out the British guy. Somehow, I do not think that was even remotely possible. But it did keep me entertained on a long plane ride.
review 2: I liked the idea behind this book and the beginning. I have read very little about the Germans at the end of WW2 escaping the Soviets. Because of that I was interested in this book. But, as interesting and "new" was the story was, it was also very wordy and dragged. Since I also had this problem with Tolsma's first book, maybe I just don't like the st
... moreyle of writing. Several other readers have read and enjoyed this, but I did not. less
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I loved the old ladies and their humor
Fantastic! Review to come!
Never finished
Great book!
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