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Effortless With You (2013)

by Lizzy Charles(Favorite Author)
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Swoon Romance
Effortless With You
review 1: "Effortless With You" was a wonderful read and it has to be added to your Must Read List! Lizzy Charles' debut book was amazing! Her story line and character development kept me reading for hours. This is a story of young love, which in itself is great, but I really enjoyed all the subplots which kept me involved along with the development of not only the main characters, but those around them.Here's the story of Lucinda "Lucy" Zwindler at the beginning of her summer vacation in which Lucy feels will be great, but is further from the truth. Family strife, boyfriend and friend issues, problems from her past, and then placed in a job she really doesn't want are all things she must overcome to be a better person not only for her family, but for herself - stronger and confiden... moret.This story itself is an easy read, but it is the depth of emotions Ms. Charles gives all her characters that make you laugh, cringe, and cry. I highly recommend that you download this book and read right away. I can't wait to continue reading Lucy's story in "Perfectly Messy". Kudos to Lizzy Charles and here's for a prolific writing career for she's one to watch and enjoy..
review 2: You know those feelings you get when you read a book that you just absolutely loved? That giddy feeling of happiness as you read the last line of the book and sigh with satisfaction at the way everything turned out perfectly and exactly the way you wanted it to be? That longing feeling, knowing that you'll probably never encounter a book as great as the one you just read? That small sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, there will be a sequel with all of your favorite characters in it from the book you just read? Well, these feelings just basically sum up how I felt about Effortless With You. This book explored topics that made my heart ache, but in a good way: love, friendship, family, image, disorders, and self-acceptance. Lucy was such a likeable character, with her snarky attitude and innocent demeanor. Justin was such a sweetheart, with his chivalrous manners and adorable boy-charm. Even the side characters like Alex and Luke made me smile with happiness and left me with an ache in my chest, knowing that it will be so hard to find a good book that will match this one. less
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This was a quick easy read that I truly enjoyed the story of young love and heartbreak.
Loved the sweetest and truth of the mother daughter dynamic and true love!
Review to come. :)
review to come
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