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Autumn Dawn (2000)

by Lizzy Ford(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Just like the first book, Autumn Dawn filled my expectations. It was so short, but answered all my questions after I read the first book, I really like that the writer wrote this novella before moving onto the next book.I'm glad that Beck didn't turn out as a total jerk after all. He's expecting a baby and and even though I hate it's Dawn's, I think he could be a good father.I would call this novella a filler, since nothing special happened, it's mostly answering readers' questions with a connected story. Moving onto the next book very soon.
review 2: I don't think there are words to express how excited I have been for another installment of this series, I am so beyond hooked it is like I physically need to know what is next and lucky I was able to read an adva
... morenced copy of this book (thank you Lizzy for feeding my addiction).This story like all the others in the series takes off right where the previous one ended, I like the fact there are no huge time gaps as in some series this can get confusing with working out a timeline between events. If you have read my reviews for the other books in this series you will know how much I adore the characters and the story line, it is unique and unlike any other story I have read and I am a complete Witchling addict, you have no idea how excited I was to find out that the trilogy is now being turned into a saga I could quite happily read more and more of these without getting the slightest bit bored.This books starts off with explaining how Autumn is Summer, and how she is still both girls. You understand why her looks and identity had to be hidden and just how rare it is for someone to not only to get a second chance but to pass in fact Summer is the first to have come back from the Dark.I was smitten seeing Decker and Summer reunite, yes he did some questionable things while he went dark but you know that no matter what his heart still belonged to her and that made you realize just how strong their relationship is. I am not normally one to read Novella's but when it comes to one written by Lizzy you don't feel so much that it is a short story but more on continual Novella that grants you access to areas you may have been confused about and gives you an extra helping of all your favorite characters.I literally cannot wait for the next book Winter Kiss, I may have to start bribing Lizzy to write faster. Anyone know what her favorite Candy is?5/5 less
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eah i read this one four times. what does that tell ya
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