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A Great Catch (2011)

by Lorna Seilstad(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
0800734467 (ISBN13: 9780800734466)
Lake Manawa Summers
review 1: 22 year old Emily Graham is spending the summer at Lake Manawa Resort in Iowa, along with her grandmother and two aunts, who take it upon themselves to try to find Emily a husband among the resort guests. Emily is very busy with her suffragist work though, and has neither the time or the need for a man in her life.Carter Stockton is a pitcher for the Manawa Owls baseball team, determined to enjoy every last minute of the summer at the resort before having to join his father in the business world. However, plans change when he accidentally crashes into Emily at the roller skating rink. Will he strike out with Emily? Will falling in love cost Emily her dreams?This is the 2nd book in the Lake Manawa Summers series, but it works as standalone story. Emily only made a brief app... moreearance in book 1, Making Waves; Marguarite and Lilly from the first book are back though this one, as Emily's dearest friends.I loved the aunts in this story, they provided some comic relief to the story, especially with dates they tried to set up for Emily, such as with the balding Mr. Wormsley, or the undertaker who was "dying" to meet her. If they made this book into a movie, I could totally see Shirley McClaine as Auint Ethel!The only thing I didn't like about this story is that Carter came across as kind of preachy and holier than thou.Overall though, this was an enjoyable story, and it also touched on true events and historical figures of the time, such as the women's suffrage movement, the Bloomer Girls baseball teams, and important women in the suffragists movement such as Mary Jane Coggeshall.
review 2: Seilstad knocks another one out of the park with A Great Catch. Once again she takes us to Lake Manawa, Iowa for another fun, light-hearted summer romance destined to be much more. Once again she gives us a glimpse into the lives of Christian women who struggle with the changing times broadening their opportunities beyond the home. This time, we meet a young suffragette whose passion for the right to vote pales only to her inner fear that she must measure up and stand out all on her own despite being clumsy and "past her prime" for suitors. She meets a small-town pitcher for the local baseball team and arranges to have them play the Bloomer Girls, something unheard of in that day. Sparks fly between them, but Emily is afraid to lose her passion for the vote and her distinctiveness if she should enter into a relationship with Carter. Is it possible that her quest for importance and recognition has turned her into a broken cistern, spiritually empty? Seilstad sneaks some serious moments right by the reader as she peppers the text with hilarity appropriate to her time period. Bravo! less
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A delightful Christian Historical Fiction novel.
See review of Making Waves by the same author.
Nice story. History & romance.
Loved it!!!
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