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L'inverno Si Era Sbagliato (2011)

by Louisa Young(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
8811681928 (ISBN13: 9788811681922)
review 1: A deeply moving story about war and its impact on the individual, families and relationships. Utterly engaging, extremely well written and underpinned by a great deal of research and historical facts.The episodes about the development of plastic surgery and facial reconstruction techniques are key to this story but add a new dimension to this WW1 based novel, and contrast poignantly with another character's search for cosmetic enhancement. Much to think about and explore in this contrast of motives and circumstances but they also highlight the psychological importance of physical appearance and imperfection.Reading this book you become deeply attached to the characters and what they endure, hoping for a positive outcome against all the odds. It's the kind of novel that wil... morel stay with you long after you've finished it as the themes and characters rapidly inhabit your thoughts and imagination. Can't wait to start the next title in the series: The Heroes' Welcome.
review 2: Another excellent first world war novel. The heart of the book is a love story between Riley Purefoy Nadine Waveney. Riley is from a poor family in London in 1907 when due to a childhood snowball incident he is befriended by the well to do Waveney family, is taken up by a famous artist as his protege and his friendship with Nadine develops. In 1914 he volunteers and we then follow him through the war. It is difficult to discuss the book without an analysis of the second half when Riley is recuperating but the book then is a brilliant description of pioneering maxiofacial work that developed during WW1, and the subsequent emotional turmoil of the injured man and the life of working nurses. It is a very emotional read which only makes the reader realise what great sacrifices the men one hundred years ago endured. Whilst historical fiction doesn't cover every fact of a period what a really good historical novel does is it allows the reader to imagine themselves into the lives of the character and enhance the empathy that can be felt. less
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Started slow but couldn't wait to see how it turned out.
Very moving love story set in WW1.
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