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Liars Anonymous (2009)

by Louise Ure(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 5
0312375867 (ISBN13: 9780312375867)
Minotaur Books
review 1: Liars Annonymous, by Louise Ure, talking book borrowed from National Library Service for the Blind. Grade B.Jessie Dancing is a woman who finally found out as an adult that she was adopted, and that once her parents had children, her mother wasn’t interested in her anymore. She was a person who put justice for her friends first. Her friend Katherine had apparently been abused by her uncle and she was afraid Katherine’s daughter would be abused as well. So Jessie took care of it by killing the uncle. She got off with a “not guilty” verdict,which isn’t the same as being innocent, and one policeman in particular was obsessed with getting her convicted of something even though she couldn’t be tried for the murder again. Jessie was now working for an emergency r... moreoad service. A call came in where a man had an emergency, which seemingly resulted in a fight which she could hear on the computer. But when the police came, there was no body, and when Jessie went to tell his wife, she was told that there was a mistake, the car had been stolen and her husband was still alive. But Jessie didn’t believe it and started her own investigation, which brought her into contact with a whole gang of persons involved in kidnapping the children of illegal aliens and selling them. While still involved in investigating this crime, she learns that the information about the bause of her friend from the first crime, might be false. This is an interesting book. I didn’t like Jessie much and didn’t really understand her until the end, partly because things were revealed so slowly that I thought I had missed something.
review 2: This was a DNF for me. I wasn't crazy about the premise and then made the mistake of reading part of a review. The review confirmed my belief that I wasn't going to enjoy this book, so I decided to just quit. Have too many other things to read to bother with ones I won't enjoy.I read Louise Ure's first three books and enjoyed them tremendously, so I think it was the subject matter, not the writing style. In fact, I could finish this based on how she pulls people along, I just don't think I would enjoy the trip. less
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3.5 for sure. I liked this one better than "The Fault Tree". Nice dark edge to the protagonist.
This book started out very intriguing, but farther into it I got really bored.
I loved Louise Ure's first two books but I was disappointed in this one.
Just a nice quick read for fun.
Good enough.
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