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The Best Of This Is A Crazy Planets (2011)

by Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra(Favorite Author)
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20111215 (ISBN13: 9772011121005)
The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets
review 1: Naunahan pa 'ko mag-rate nung pinahiram ko nito (Ryan Arioja) I hate you! hahahaah joke lang =)))OMG Lourd de Veyra fan girl here. Sorry biased ata 'tong gagawin kong book review na 'to kase gagawin ko 'to with gooey eyes and all. chos.Very informative. Very current event-ish. Actually I've read this at yung book 2 with Lourd de Veyra voice playing on my head lololz.Nage-enjoy ako sa walang pasintabi niyang pagmumura haha. Sorry ang sama at babaw ko. Pero tuwing magmu-mura siya eh bagay na bagay. Parang nakaka-elicit talaga ng pagmumura yung moment na yun.
review 2: Truly the best of his works! he's brutally honest yet hilarious at the same time.I like his choice of words and the wisdom he left his readers to ponder upon.The book encompasses various points in
... moreeveryday filipino life from politics,hierarchy,words that should die,the origin of his name,certain celebrities he either like or dislike,transportation even urinals! Whoa! this guy is unstoppable! for sure you'll know you're hella pinoy either by heart,ethnicity or by nationality when you read/can relate through certain things he talked about.I love his youtube channel as well as his website google him if you must. less
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Well done Mr. De Veyra. The art very much represents you and your writing.
Humorous! The best way of dealing national and "chu-chu" issues... :D
Move over Bob Ong. The Lourd has come
exceedingly comical.
Funny and sarcastic
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