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The Pope's Assassin (2011)

by Luis Miguel Rocha(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
0399156887 (ISBN13: 9780399156885)
Putnam Adult
review 1: This is one of those books that keeps you hooked from page one & the reader wonders where it is going. This is not unpleasant, it was gratifying. The characters are interesting andyou want to stay with them, This is the third with the same main characters of Raphael, the priest spy and Sarah, the journalist, who wrapped up in all the dark goings on with the Vatican. This is not Dan Brown-crazy, busy action-it is methodical in the good sense, prodding along(for one who drinks, I would equate it to savouring). Thank you Luis Miguel Rocha-look forward to your next.
review 2: Pope Benedict learns a worrisome secret on the night he becomes Pope. The secret is in document in the possession of millionaire Ben Isaac where it has been guarded carefully for 50 years, But
... more now Ben Isaac's son has been kidnapped, setting a 24 hour mystery in motion. Raphael, Catholic priest and agent, becomes involved to try to obtain the documents before they can be used to expose the Church. [return][return]An enjoyable page-turner. The first third of the book, where many characters and stories, is confusing. The reader is not always sure which story is continuing when the author uses only pronouns for the first few paragraphs. A title with location (Paris, the Vatican, London) would have been helpful. less
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An interesting book although i think that it could be more exploited the situation....
Started off exciting and in the middle it got boring but push through to a great end
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Just love this series! Can't wait for a new one!
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