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The Holy Bullet (2009)

by Luis Miguel Rocha(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 1
0399156003 (ISBN13: 9780399156007)
Putnam Adult
review 1: I don't think I have ever been more confused in my life while reading a book. I don't know which was more confusing: the switching back and forth between the past and the present OR the multiple bad guys with no names. How do I know who is who if they don't have names. I did have high hopes for this book, but was very dissapointed. I think it could have had alot of promise if it would have only been a bit easier to follow. I also had a very hard time getting to know the few characters that I could follow because the chapters were so short and each chapter would follow a different part of the story so the characters you just met don't continue into the next chapter.
review 2: I was given this book as a first reads giveaway. I made it about 1/3 of the way th
... morerough before I decided not to waste anymore time on it. I really like the "conspiracy" type books and I really enjoyed Davinci Code. This has many of the same players, Opus Dei, Vatican, secret societies and different government agencies. It's about the 1981 attempt on the popes life. The books starts off with a quote, saying something like, I have told this story a million times but this is the 1st time I tell the truth. I thought it would be a 1st person narrative telling a story but it was not. It jumped around from past to present and had too many characters right from the beginning. Some characters had names and others didn't only to find out the nameless characters were mentioned with names in previous chapters. It was very confusing. There wasn't any main character that you could follow. Apparently this isn't the finished edit so I won't dwell on the grammar errors. They would have to streamline the plot for the final edit to make this more enjoyable for me. less
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You must read Rocha's previous book 'The Last Pope' to understand what is going on in this one.
Saw this on the Goodreads Giveaways and thought it looked neat. Received this from Bookmooch.
This was a very well-written book. Very interesting also because I am Catholic. I enjoyed it!
Decent read. Would recommend it to fans of spy novels, but its too slow.
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