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Syllabus: Notes From An Accidental Professor (2014)

by Lynda Barry(Favorite Author)
4.6 of 5 Votes: 3
1770461612 (ISBN13: 9781770461611)
Drawn and Quarterly
review 1: This book has the same binding as a speckled black-and-white composition notebook, and it's the same size. A combination freeform art journal and a messy memoir about teaching a college class on creativity, this contains artwork mostly by Lynda but also quick sketches and exercises from some of her students.The exercises are affirming and fun and run along the lines of 2-minute self-portraits drawn on index cards, or 30-second sketches of Batman. (her opinion is that everyone, even those who haven't doodled or drawn a line in decades, can make a pen or pencil drawing of a car and of Batman.) What makes a sketch good or bad? What makes a drawing have a soul? What does it mean to draw lines and have them mean something to another person? These are such weird questions when y... moreou think about it.
review 2: I've been a fan of Lynda Barry for a very long time. I don't even remember when or how I first discovered her work. And it turns out for the last few years she's been a professor at the U of Wisconsin. Or an artist in residence. Or something. One of her main teaching tools is making students create in a composition book. This book is a collection of her notes and handouts from several courses she taught, all made in her own composition book. And the physical book Syllabus is made to look like and feel like one as well. Every page is chock-a-block with full color art and wonderousness. It makes me want to take her class :) I will be doing some of the exercises.This is great stuff. less
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Incredible book on inspiring anyone to transition into a more creative lifestyle
I want to run away to UW-Madison to be in Professor Skull's class.
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