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Strictly Murder (2000)

by Lynda Wilcox(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
Verity Long
review 1: The heroine of this story is Verity Long, a researcher for a top whodunit author, Kathleen Davenport. When house hunting, Verity stumbles upon a body. The body happens to be Jaynee Johnson, one of the star presenters of the popular TV programme, Star Steps, and so Verity begins her own investigation into the death. Lots of twists and a subplot concerning two missing girls. But still plenty of humour.
review 2: Verity Long is a researcher for a British mystery writer, she spends her time in the archives of the library looking for old cases that can be turned into a fictional murder mystery. While Verity is looking for a flat to lease, she comes across the dead body of Jaynee Johnson.Jaynee Johnson is a celebrity on a dance show. Her co host had secrets of his ow
... moren. Verity soon finds her self investigating Jaynee Johnson's death as well as the unsolved disappearance of a young girl twenty years earlier. Of course, some one tries to kill Verity and the cop investigating the murder becomes her romantic interest. You get an idea of who the killer is but not quite sure until the last few pages. Its a good story, a bit drawn out but worth the time less
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Light holiday reading - a classic whodunnit - attractive characters and a swiftly moving plot.
A fun cozy mystery with a neat little twist at the end.
First Read date 1/1/12
Enjoyable-easy read
really liked
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