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Strong Deaf (2012)

by Lynn E. McElfresh(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
1608981266 (ISBN13: 9781608981267)
review 1: Explores the relationship between two sisters, one who is deaf, and one who can hear. Other differences are cause for sibling rivalry. Teen Marla attends a private boarding school for deaf students, while younger Jade attends public school and lives at home. Marla likes to sleep late, and Jade likes loud music and dancing. The only thing they have in common is softball, and that only works when they are on different teams. The conversations between Jade and her sister and parents, who are also deaf, are notable in that they reveal sign language is not a word for word translation. Well written book depicts the very normal dynamics of a deaf family.
review 2: Strong Deaf is a powerful book. I'd highly recommend it to any reader. The chapters, alternating the hea
... morering and deaf voices of the sisters, worked well for me. I was completely enthralled by Marla's chapters, which were written in translated ASL. Short, punchy sentences, gripping and full of energy. In addition to young readers, a great read for any adult interested in learning more about deaf culture. less
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Good insights to mixed families of deaf and hearing.
the book is good for Middle to High school age.
Had a hard time liking any of the characters.
Too predictable.
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