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Creative License (2011)

by Lynne Roberts(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
1609283635 (ISBN13: 9781609283636)
Samhain Publishing
review 1: I liked this short little read. Lily and Daniel were married in Vegas after a lot of drinking and sex were involved (only way right?!!?). Annulment was supposed to happen but it never went through and then it gets to the good stuff. They knew that once they were together it was going to go down. And oh boy did it. It has some really hot and steamy scenes in it. I liked the chocolate paint one the most!! Read it and you'll enjoy!!
review 2: I don't know, maybe it was the length, but this book just wasn't all I was hoping for. While it should have been a quick, simple read for me, I honestly just felt like it was too dull in some respects for me to stay interested. I fell asleep reading it at one point. And the end just disappointed me...the best part if the s
... moretory was going to be her family's reaction to the news that she was married, or at least her boyfriend's reaction to the information, but as soon as that scene came up it ended and we weren't even allowed to be a part of it... I never got fully attached to any of the characters, and the fact that they never discussed the run-in with his ex, or what that meant, that was another let down. There was so much potential for a great story, it just fell short for me in too many ways. less
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Great story! Not just a book with sex, I enjoyed the storyline. It showed what truly is important.
A short and a quick read . Loved it . A good mixture of various emotions .
It is what it is.Hot quick read cute storyline.Would recommend.
3.5*Sweet story with a very very hot shower scene!
Loved this one!
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