Day 3 – Kajang/Genting

Hello, readers!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful time with your friends and family, and may you all be blessed! I returned to the hotel during wee hours in the morning so I couldn’t publish this last night.

Yesterday was the third day of the trip, and probably the most exciting one. My dad was gonna pick me up from the hotel and head for Kitaro live concert in Genting Highlands. But since we were gonna meet up for brunch, mom thought it was best I had an early breakfast with her. Both of us wanted to eat at Papa Rich, but due to the traffic, we had to drop by at McDonalds’. After breakfast, we returned to the hotel room where I started packing up my things.

At 10.30a.m., dad finally called, and I hugged mom before walking out the door with my bags, heading down the lobby where dad was waiting for me. We hopped into his car where his wife was waiting inside, and they took me to a nearby restaurant called Ten Hup, famous for its Hong Kong style chee cheong fun. The small restaurant was full, making us wait for a few minutes for a place to sit and eat. Each of ordered prawn chee cheong fun and our own beverages.

I thought it was pretty nice, not too lumpy and salty, and it has a decent amount of prawns, as well as the fried shallots.

When brunch was done, our journey started, with a few toilet breaks along the way. Since the concert started at 10p.m., he thought it wad best to hang out at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets.

This mall has retails selling branded clothes that are supposedly cheaper than the other branches, but looking at the prices of the clothes on most shops, there weren’t any difference. We had our lunch at a Korean restaurant called DubuYo where we called a set lunch for two and a bibimbap.

I was pretty sure when food are served on claypots or clay bowls, the entire thing should be as hot as lava, but they weren’t, as if the food was cooked before dumping them into the bowls. And I wasn’t liking the fact that we were served tiny amout of kimchi and vegetable side dishes. The portioning seemed big, but there were few ingredients in the soondubu jiggae . I think the best was the bibimbap but it was pretty pricy. Can’t really expect much from franchaises though.

After lunch, we walked around the mall. If you’re a fan of sceneries, there is a spot at the end of the mall where you have the view of the road and some greens.

Truth to be told, on the right side of the scenery was a construction site or so. And the amusing thing was a lot of people took pictures from my angle while they ignored the other part of the view. I guess you can’t really call it a scenery.

On the way back to the carpark, we dropped by at FIDANI Chocolatier, a haven for the chocolate lovers out there.

The shop had sales and discounts, so I managed to get some chocolates for me and mom to share.

It was late evening, and we had to check in at Seri Malaysia Hotel where we rested before heading for dinner at a nearby restaurant. We shared two plates of fried rice before going up to Resort Genting Highlands. If there’s one thing I learned about a place like Genting Highlands, the weather is very unpredictable. Luckily dad brought an extra jacket for me, otherwise I’d probably die from shivering.

We went straight to the Arena of Stars where the concert was held, but we were too early so we decided to walk around the mall. It seemed this year’s Christmas theme is related to Snoopy, so the decorations were giant Snoopy’s.

The center of the mall where the casino was located is known for the giant LED screens where visual and light performances were held. We were lucky enough to watch “The Goddess”, and I was amazed at how in sync the lights movements were with the visuals.

Soon, we had half an hour left for the performance to start, making us walk back to the hall. Few minutes past 10p.m., the star of the show went up on stage, and the show begun.

They said photos and videos are strictly not allowed, but it was more of “liniently not allowed”. Sometimes I wonder about the people who whipped out their phones and record or snapped eveything happening on stage. Is it worth it? Couldn’t they just take an hour or two to get away from their phones and be at the moment? Is it necessary to show everyone by uploading the photos or videos of the concert? Only they will know.

It was midnight when the concert ended. Kitaro went to the center of the stage with his teammates, letting us all be involved in the countdown. It was indeed a wonderful night.

As everyone left the arena, we decided to have supper at Munakata Ramen, eating a bowl of kitsune ramen and a bottle of water. What a way to warm up the stomach during a cold night!

It was a tiring day, but it was worth it to see one of the few artists I’d been admiring since I was a kid. I’m grateful for having this opportunity to go see Kitaro live.

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