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Weak Without Him (2000)

by Lyra Parish(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I have patiently been waiting for the release of this book and let me tell you, Lyra didn't disappoint at all. This book picks up where Weak For Him left off, where Finn fired Jennifer after FINALLY getting together. I couldn't wait to see their relationship develop and for Jennifer to break down Finn's walls so he could love again.What I didn't expect, was all the twists and turn that were thrown in. Relationships aren't easy to begin with. When you add the fact that Finn is CEO of the Elite (something Jennifer is VERY well acquainted with), his walls , Jennifer's insecurities, a jealous co-worker, and Luke's attraction, you have one amazing story.We get to see another side of Finn. Finn outside of his stuffy businessman facade. He still needs smacked a few times. But he... more's learning. He's not been willing to share that part of himself since the death of his wife. Jenn has to be a very patient woman or very much in love, to be willing to put up with him during this time.This story takes on a dark twist, one that I was totally not expecting. I wasn't expecting it to be all ribbons and rainbows, but...what a plot twist. It turned poor Jenn's world upside down and left her not knowing who she could trust. Once that part started, I would NOT put my Kindle down. I needed to know everything would turn out OK. I was so afraid that there would be a cliffhanger ending. This would have been a perfect book for a cliffhanger. But, luckily, it's not. All the loose ends aren't tied up yet, but I finished the book with a smile on my face and the belief that everything will work out in the end.
review 2: Weak Without Him is the second book in the Weakness series. It is not a stand alone. you must read Weak For Him first. Weak Without Him starts where Weak For Him left off. It is a great second book. I loved the first book so of course this one hooked me right from the beginning. At some points I was annoyed with some of the actions of the characters. There where time I was like seriously did that just happen. There are a few shocking twists that I never expected. In the end Lyra pulled it all together perfectly.This is a must read. There is no cliffhanger but we will get a book three. less
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I didn't not see that coming!!!! I can't say more without giving spoilers! Can't wait for book 3
can I say wow and swept off my feet or twists and turns things that will keep you guessing!!
kalp krizi geçirmediğime şaşıyorum :))) bu neydi esti geçti ama harikaydı :)))
Phenomenal!! Full review to come! :)
Enjoyable. The last 20% were crazy.
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