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Madly And The Jackal (2012)

by M. Leighton(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: Loved it even more. You just have to read these books! They are wonderful! So entrancing, so hard to put down! It really is a great continuation. I am extremely upset that I must wait to find out what happens next. The trip to Atlas, the Leviathan, the traitor and the Pool of Neptune- oh my! This is so creative and seamless. The way she made it all come together was so impressive. I just love Jackson and Madly so much in this book! They are freaking adorable!! And then the villainous garbage made me so angry!! That's how I knew it was so good!! Aaah...the secrets are killing me though! I just need the next book, and for Jersey to know and for things to be awesome for Jacks&Mad. But I would rather have more books with their story, so those are all negotiable needs- except f... moreor the next book. And I just need awesome interaction between Jacks&Mad. Next book please!!
review 2: Wow, this was another suspenseful story in this magical, just fantastic series! I really don't want to give too much, because if you have not read book 1 or book 2, well you have to catch up to read this truly amazing story! I absolutely loved it! We finally get a glimpse into the underwater Kingdom, Atlas. With the descriptions provided, you get amazing visualizations on what this place could be like. We also get some glimpses on a romance that just seems to be meant to be, and how the scenes were written, were just beautiful and just enough. There was a major twist in this story that then questions something so powerful...can it be undone? Towards the end, there is a little hint that there is going to be a...4th Book!! Yes! Sounds good to me, as I can imagine that there is more to this series, and I'm ready for it! less
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Love this series!!!!! When is book 4 coming out? Can't wait :-).
loving the madley books and I cant wait for more!!
Loved it again! Need the next book please!
by far the best madly book so far!
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