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Come Undone (2013)

by Madelynne Ellis(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 5
Mischief (HarperCollins UK)
Rock Hard
review 1: Thanks netgalley for a free read in exchange for a review.I am absolutely blown away from this book. Ah-Maz-Ing! I could not put it down! First this amazing author gave us this hot ass rocker guy, and then made him a softie, but didn't make his ass a wimp. The girl.....Dani, was smart, and just the right amount of scared. Falling for a hot rocker guy, especially if he's the one who has been singing words that speak to your heart, is not easy. Even if he is easy on the eyes. I admire Dani's bravery, she was scared but she totally nailed her part. But the Ending....Whoa...I never saw it coming. Loved it. Well written enough to blow my socks off, and the story...hell it's unique as it can get. Overall entertainment at its highest rating.....five fan-fucking tastic stars. The ... morecover was scorching hot, and I'm absolutely kicking myself because this has set on my shelf for awhile.
review 2: As a superfan of Black Halo, Daniella Fosbrook finds herself backstage during one of their concerts. What she didn’t count on was running into her ‘crush’ Xane Geist. What Daniella doesn’t realize is that Black Halo has officially come to an end. Xane literally walked off the stage and wants to be a part of the band no more. While exiting the arena, Xane stubbles upon Daniella and asks her for a ride. Expecting her to be like all the other fans, Xane is pleasantly surprised to find her irresistible. Deciding to act on his attraction, Xane explores the attraction he has with Daniella. The two dive into spending each moment relishing in the pleasure they have found in one another. One thing is certain, Xane does not want anything to do with the members of Black Halo anymore. They go to great lengths to converse with Xane about the bands future. In an attempt to flee the attention, Xane whisks Daniella off for some alone time. As the two spend more time together, Daniella learns there is more to the break up of the band than meets the eye. Will it be too much for Daniella to handle? This story gives a different twist on lusting after a Rockstar. The chemistry between Xane and Daniella was interesting. However, the story plot was a bit rushed. The ending will leave you wondering what will happen next. So - I know I will have to see what the heck is in store for readers with the next installment of this series! less
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Possible cliffhanger?!?!?!?! But sounds good!!
Good book, looking forward to next instalment
Wow, this is a great book
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