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Devil's Dream: A Novel About Nathan Bedford Forrest (2009)

by Madison Smartt Bell(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
0375424881 (ISBN13: 9780375424885)
review 1: The narrative, often seen through the eyes of Henri, a Haitian complement to Forrest in some ways, unfolds the story of Forrest in the context of Civil War battles most are familiar with, but uses stories from his past to help the reader glimpse the character of the man that commanded the loyalty of so many, white and black. At one point in the novel, the author has Forrest pass on a thought to his black son that is, I think, revealing - that the only thing one truly owns are the choices he has made and how he has carried out those choices.
review 2: Sure, he started the KKK, traded slaves for a living before the Civil War, and commanded the South's most lethal and feared cavalry unit. But Nathan Bedford Forrest was much more than all that, a complex person wh
... moreose life illuminates events around the Civil War, the most critical period in America's history. Madison Bell is a skilled writer whose well-written and interesting novels offer many insights into the historical periods he writes about, and "Devil's Dream"--his second novel titled after a traditional fiddle tune--does not disappoint. less
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I would love to be able to say more than 'terrible,' but that's all I can muster.
even a father of the KKK can be made compelling, heroic and moral.
Fictional biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
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