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The Monster Of Florence (1996)

by Magdalen Nabb(Favorite Author)
3.17 of 5 Votes: 1
1616953241 (ISBN13: 9781616953249)
Soho Crime
Marshal Guarnaccia Mystery
review 1: Finally being published in the US the Monster Of Florence reads as a true mystery. Though a fictional account of a true story, it reads as real as it gets. No neat packages here but a 20+ year old stretch of serial killings which the Marshal is assigned to. Couple that with a hectic home life and twins as well as provenance of an ancient painting, mixed all together with the smells, tastes and back streets of Florence and you have a great mystery. Well worth the read.
review 2: I rerally enjoyed this book, it is a who-done-it, but one that focuses on personality rather than police procedured. Guarnaccia has been loaned by his boss to another region, where a special team is being developed to build a case against a suspect whom it it thought has committed a
... moreseries of murders of courting couples. Isolated and feeling out of his depth, Guarnaccia comes to believe that the ambitious prosecutor is driving the team to bring a successful prosecution against a man who, while he may be unpleasant and abusive, is not guilty of these crimes. Is it too late to reverse this process and is Guarnaccia up to the job? less
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Not up to the standard of the genre, perfected by Donna Leon. I was disappointed:/
Won in a Goodreads first reads giveaway. Review to come.
Read about 50 pages, and was bored by it.
I loved this book. It kept me riveted!
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