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Lily Love (2014)

by Maggi Myers(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
1491508507 (ISBN13: 9781491508503)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: The perfect, happy couple finally gets pregnant. Their happiness only increases until their daughter Lily begins, at nine months, to show developmental delays and emotional withdrawal. At age five she she is basically still a toddler. Their marriage falls apart and Caroline realizes how much she has pushed everyone away. New ways of coping, relating, and a new relationship begin to change lives.
review 2: How can I put this I liked the book but wanted more. Is that crazy the story started fine but then all of a sudden boom you don't get the real story of why the parents aren't together. You don't get what happened to max it's like poof he was mentioned then disappeared. Then Peter giving her their blessing that was not believable. I will say the story was w
... moreell written and I was just left with a lot of questions and no answers. Did I enjoyed the book yes would also recommend but be warned the ending may not be what you wanted. less
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Beautiful story. Went in not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.
Hmmm what happened to Max? Felt like he didn't need to be in the story...
beautiful story of grief, letting go, and acceptance
Thank you for writing this story!
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