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Alice In Deadland Trilogy (2000)

by Mainak Dhar(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: 4 1/2 stars! Alice meets Zombies! Taking place in India, Alice is a 15 year old who was born after the Rising when zombies are suddenly making an appearance after a mysterious virus breaks out. Her education consists of how to shoot and kill zombies. One day while out on patrol, she decides to follow a biter (the term for zombies in this book) down a hole in the ground. There she meets the queen of the zombies, a 1/2 biter (she still retains the ability to speak and think like a human). She tells Alice of the prophecy she has made based on the children's book Alice in Wonderland, that tells how young Alice will help to bring about a way for the biters and humans to coexist and to end the war with each other. She tells Alice of her part in creating the virus that cau... moresed the biters to be. From there, she is thrown into an even more difficult life as she is chased by mercenaries from the company called Zeus and their masters the Central Committee based in China, losing all her family and friends in the process, after which she decides to wage war on them in return with the help of the very biters that she has hunted her entire young life.I am not a zombie apocalypse fan normally, but this book dragged me in from the very beginning. The action was fast paced, the characters were engaging, and one of the best things that I loved was that even though this book is not for kids, the fact that it was NOT filled with foul language, gratuitous sex or violence (even though the subject matter should be violent as all get out). I am looking forward to getting the rest of these books.
review 2: took me 12 days to decide to just stop.....I read a chapter a day and that was torture. it felt more like a chore then a escape from reality. The writing was awful and I could care less about the characters. I didn't even make it halfway through the first book.There are better books out there that I could be reading, which is why for the first time EVER I am putting a book down without finishing it.Goodbye Alice in Deadland, you had so much potential. less
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I actually only finished book 1 before I got bored in book 2. Not the best read ever.
pretty decent. kinda annoying they took forever figuring out how to kill zombies.
Very good trilogy. Just have to get through poor editing which was minor for me.
Love it
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