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Quis Custodiet (2009)

by Manna Francis(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 4
1934081124 (ISBN13: 9781934081129)
Casperian Books
review 1: It's one of those stories that when you start, you expect something to give.. I mean anything like , Warrick not actually being that forgiving or him f**king someone and not telling toreth--- you know, rebel a little but know he's always his loving , accepting and f**king understanding self. That's why I love him and think him as the best person for toreth ... The story just keeps getting better as it progresses.
review 2: I enjoyed this book which was similar to the previous four in the series in thst it started with one long story and had a few shorter stories that followed that were somewhat related...mostly in the continuation of the complicated relationship between Val Toreth and Keir Warrick. For me, Val Toreth remains a most interesting and complicated c
... moreharacter. His mind was obviously messed up when he was pretty young and whatever happened to him has affected every personal relationship that he has had. Actually he hasn't really had any personal relationships other than with Warrick. Toreth tries not to show his vulnerabilities in this relationship.To him this is to show weakness and for him, this is just about the worst thing in the world. He works hard at not showing even to himself that he cares and may even love Warrick. In each of the books, a little bit more of Toreth's mysterious past life has been brought to light. In my opinion, Val Toreth is one of the most psychologically interesting characters I have ever come across in a novel. I look forward to reading more about him and Warrick. less
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Gah! This series is so addictive. And why do I like Toreth so much? I should not like him and yet...
I really like Toreth and Warrick and enjoyed reading this latest book in the series.
A lot like the original story "Mind Fuck" in that it's heavy on the crime plot.
It feels kinda indecent to be so fascinated by them.
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