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La Première Nuit (2009)

by Marc Levy(Favorite Author)
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222111311X (ISBN13: 9782221113110)
Le Premier Jour
review 1: Tengo sentimientos encontrados con este final ._.Me debato entre meditar la historia durante un tiempo o expresar mi opinión ya. Es que, a ver, hay bajas, hay peligro, hay misterio, hay emoción, hay malos que no reciben su castigo y todo queda en... ¿nada? O sea, si, el lector se entera del misterio (a grosso modo, todo sea dicho) y te sueltan unas conjeturas para no desvelarlo que no... no. Como si fuese ahora una católica a pies juntillas (?) He de decir que la historia ha estado genial, maravillosa, tiene su toque de misterio, tiene sus dosis de conocimiento, sus dosis de amor bien repartidas peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeero... No se, a lo mejor el final ideal de esta historia era algo más complejo de lograr, porque pienso aferrarme a la opción de que el final ori... moreginal sería diferente al que he leído. No tengo nada malo que decir en realidad, la historia me ha gustado, el autor me gusta, pero es ese toque final el que no me ha terminado de convencer. Además, ¿Ivory al final era el bueno o el malo? ¿Sir Ashton... se merecía algo más... más...? Algo, a fin de cuentas. Abreviando; Marc, dedícate más a las relaciones y al amor ñoñete que es lo que nos gusta a todas de tus obras y deja los grandes misterios del universo para septiembre por el momento(?)
review 2: Oh what a waste of time. I liked a few of his earlier books, but this one was just ... messed up. Granted, I had not read "Le premier jour" but to be absolutely honest, I am glad I didn't. It doesn't happen often that I totally dislike a book and finish it anyways but this one was so bad I just had to. What was bad? - it was very very cheesy. The way Adrian adores Keira is not romantic, it is cheesy. And it leaves enough room for questions about how she feels about him. - It is too spread out. There are good stories that cover the globe, but this is not one of them. Levy doesn't manage to capture my attention at any point and I do not feel i get to know a certain area any better than what I knew before (with the exception of the bus trip through China)- The characters are all shady and not well outlined. It reads like a first draft. The final decision over what to do with the finding ... Keira acts absolutely out of character and so does Adrian. [Spoiler!]- The whole point of the story is to drown the well kept scecret shortly after finding it. What the ...????? [Spoiler End]- The last few sentences of the book are written to make us think and rethink and rethink again our conception of the world. If only it had been worked out more clearly. It is again a draft ending with a cheesy question posed that ended oh so many books before it. I do not think Levy would have had any success as a writer had this been his first book. He probably wouldn't even have gotten any deal. That might have been better, in regards to this book. What a waste of trees to be killed for these letters. less
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It was good but not what I expected from the sinopsis. I'm a bit disappointed this time.
I finished it in a few days!
worst than the first day
Fantastic series! :)
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