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Blood Blade (2009)

by Marcus Pelegrimas(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 4
0061463051 (ISBN13: 9780061463051)
Harper Voyager
review 1: Let's start with the world. Way too dark for me. Humans are not on the top of the food-chain anymore. If anything they seemed to be kinda in the middle.It was good at the beginning, but when started to explain the monsters and fighting against them it just seemed to go worse. I couldn't just believe it anymore. Skinners weren't some secret government project, which I would have believed. They were independent section who worked with MEG, who were ghost nerds. Yes, I can still believe that would work.... but when it came to the police, it just didn't. Right, police would just blink and forget all the weirdness? There wouldn't be a lot of publicity about it all? Sorry. It was just too unbelievable for me. Two stars and not picking next book.
review 2: Supernatura
... morel the TV series in book form. Way different to my usual fantasy Rothfuss, Feist,Rachel Aaron type of literary fare. But it was excellent and extremely well written. Gritty. Far from realistic....but then the genre offers escapism not logic. After reading so much intrigue,magic,thievery and assassination in the Eli Monpress/Rothfuss/Monpress novels, I really wanted something a little more urbane. This was perfect. Sad the series had to end. less
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This book had a lot of detail, to a point where at times it seemed a little overbearing.
First time author.I may or may not read the next book due this year.
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