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Neverisms: A Quotation Lover's Guide To Things You Should Never Do, Never Say, Or Never Forget (2011)

by Mardy Grothe(Favorite Author)
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0061970654 (ISBN13: 9780061970658)
Collins Reference
review 1: NEVERISMS by Dr. Mardy Grothe is an entertaining book full of never quotations.It will have you laughing out loud at some of the never quotations. Some you will remember from childhood.This is a book of quotation anthology.With not only the quotations but also the history of hundreds of quotation you may not have heard before. This book is for anyone who enjoys quotations wordplay and language buffs everywhere.It has quotations from John Wayne,Mae West,The Godfather,The War of Roses,Johnny Carson,William Prescott,The First Commandment,Thomas Jefferson just to name a few.The quotations range from wit and wordplay,words to live by politics and govenment,business and management,sex,love,and romance,marriage,home and family life,the literary life,stage and screen,metaphorical,... moresports,book,song and movie titles,oxymoronic and paradoxical,to advice,classics,trust,underestimate,multiple,words to live by and human relationships. This is a cute,witty book that will surely have you returning to it time and time again. This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Collins Reference,an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers and My Book Addiction Reviews,
review 2: The Good Stuff * Some of the dryer information was made enjoyable by the author's self deprecating wit * Extensive collection of some fabulous quotes and the background behind many of them * Actually uses some recent and hip quotes, which I was surprised by * Love the smaller size of the book, great for keeping as a reference item * Found a whole bunch of new quotes to put out on Twitter * Perfect for keeping out as a Coffee table book or Bathroom book -- come on I know you people read in the loo too * This author has done some serious research into neverism quotes - truly impressive * I read this over a couple of weeks and I recommend you do the same, it is more enjoyable this way * Great for conversation startersThe Not so Good Stuff * Didn't include my favorite quotes. Never Give Up, Never Surrender (Galaxy Quest) * Would have loved to have an index of some kind, so if you wanted you could go back and find a particular quote more easily * Didn't like how the book was organized -- but hello what do you expect I AM an anal librarian after all - I need me an indexFavorite Quotes/Passages (Quotes from a Quote book - how unusual)"But unless you have the vocabulary of a five-time Jeopardy! champ or you're a professor of rhetoric, the word is almost certainly not in your current vocabulary.""I was a young idealist with a reputation for spending countless hours attempting to reason with people who held what I regarded as unfounded or irrational beliefs. Smith's admonition was like a reminder from Dr. Phil, gently tapping me on the shoulder and asking, "So how's that working for you?"AND THE WISEST QUOTE OF ALL - REMEMBER THIS PEOPLE!"Never ask a single person if they're "seeing anyone special," and unemployed person if they found a job, or a married couple when they're planning to have children."(I would also like to add - never, ever ask a women if she is pregnant or if there is a big gap between someones children, was it an accident -- tacky people - very tacky)What I Learned * Some interesting background information of famous quotes * Definition of a Neverism and some other useless information like this that I will probably always remember - yet forget to pick up milk on the way homeWho should/shouldn't read * anyone who likes quotes * Speech writers, Teachers, Librarians, etc * A good resources for public libraries4 Dewey'sI Received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review less
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An OK read-- nothing special. Something you want to read when you can't decide what to read next.
Nothing but entertainment. Resist the urge to copy and paste these around the office....lol.
Abandoned. Preachy, wurdy and dull.
Never, ever, read this book.
I think I am "nevered" out.
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