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Holding Hannah (2013)

by Maren Smith(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 2
Blushing Books Publication
Masters of the Castle
review 1: Short!! Stopped at 66%i purchased another one when i got this one. i enjoyed this storyline, but if the next one is as Short i'm going to be very upset. Just checked approximate pages for next 4 books, hopefully they are more accurate than this one.i don't like bad reviews, i always give benefit of the doubt. (did i say that correctly?) Love the concept of a Castle!! OMG can we build one here? Please, Please!! LOL i thought Sam came on a bit strong but hey i'm a sub. Spanking, seemed like it was what she needed. Would like more details of scenes, maybe next one? Enjoy!! i liked the characters. :-)
review 2: I am so happy I read through the other reviews and saw this was supposed to be a taste of the Castle. It bumped my review from 4 stars to 5! I wish the
... morere had been a bigger build up between Hannah and Sam but I liked their interactions. I also hoped for a bit more backstory on Hannah.The thing that sucked me in most had to be the incredible descriptions. Consider audio so the 'reader' can close his/her eyes and picture every detail. Oh WOW! Hotter than I thought a book could get me and believe me I read hot books!The only real problem was after the words 'The End' I immediately jumped to Amazon and buy Kaylee's Keeper and Saving Sara. I had to know more about the Castle...ASAP. Adore this series and am anxiously awaiting the next! less
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Well done. Wish it had been longer. I really liked Hannah and wanted to know more about her.
If it had been longer, it probably would've been a 4 star.
The book ended just when I thought that it was beginning.
Great beginning to the series.
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