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Yes, My Darling Daughter (2009)

by Margaret Leroy(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
0374126011 (ISBN13: 9780374126018)
Sarah Crichton Books
review 1: I felt as is the story took a long time to develop. Almost like I read situations about Sylvie for the first 100 pages without knowing really where the book was going. The idea of what was happening with Sylvie was very interesting ,but for me, when she finally made the decision to change directions in the story I felt like it jerked in another direction instead of gradually getting there. Not my favorite writing style and the end struck a personal cord, so unfortunately this won't go on my favorite list!
review 2: I picked this up in a charity shop and thought it would be interesting as I'm really into psychological disorders in children. I thought Sylvie would have had autism or something similar - definitely wasn't expecting the eery and mysterious thought o
... moref reincarnation! I actually really enjoyed this, though the romantic moments with Adam were completely obvious and I felt that Grace was just being used.. The ending didn't give all the answers to the questions that seemed to pile up throughout the novel, which frustrates me a little bit, but I'm also glad that everything wasn't tied up neatly and finished perfectly, but the characters just moved on to their next chapter of life. A good book, I enjoyed it less
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Loves the premise of this book along with the beautiful descriptive writing! Recommend
Great writing! Finished in a day! Love the language of modern day London!
Fascinating book with good twists and turns.
So far, this is REALLY good.
Fantastic book :-)
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