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My Heart Is Within You (2009)

by Marguerite Labbe(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 3
1935192701 (ISBN13: 9781935192701)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: I couldn't get into this book. I couldn't connect with Jacob (he came across so arrogant and impatient it was annoying) and Kristair bored me, they connected so fast I was completely lost and confused. The book jumped between POV and seemingly skipped ahead quite significantly as it did, (in the first few chapters that I read at least), so I couldn't get pulled in like I wanted to be. I lost interest around 15% in. I skimmed through paragraphs after that trying to find something to captivate me but after a while I gave up.
review 2: Kristair is a very old vampire who seems to be falling ill. His own creator just disappeared one day and she suffered the same symptoms. He hopes that by putting his heart in the body of another he can somehow stave off the end. He
... moresees Jacob playing football and knows he's the one, but he doesn't want to just enthrall him to do it, so he basically starts stalking him. Jacob is freaked at first, but then adjusts and for several months they chat outside Jacob's window and eventually he invites Kristair in and they get freaky. He also agrees to the magical heart thingy to help him. The problem is some organization called the Syndicate want Kristair, and randomly send attack teams to kill/capture him. I wasn't really sure what was behind that all, and given this is a series I suppose that will come. The Syndicate finally realize Kristair has a lover and they kidnap him, manage to turn one of Jacob's roommates into their minion and the fight is on, with Kristair asking for aid from what I gather are gangster vamps. However when Jacob is shot, Kristair puts his soul in him to save him, the illness attacks and Kristair dies. WTF? How can he die at the end. *sniffle* Okay, it's a series and it's paranormal so you know it's not all that it could be. Anyway, I did enjoy it and kept reading for over 300 pages so I definitely want to know what happens next now that Jacob is alone and really really pissed. Because it's a long book there were a fair amount of secondary characters, Jacob's roommates, Kristair's foster-daughter, the vampire mobsters, they were all interesting and well done. I look forward to the next story in the series. less
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Умерло естественной смертью на пятидесятой странице...
Couldn't even finish this one. Good lord, I just wanted to tell the characters to grow up.
Hot damn! This book was good!!!
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